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Welcome your visit to the Homepage of IONIA E&T Co., Ltd.

We sincerely welcome the customers, interested persons, and netizens who visit the Homepage of IONIA E&T Co., Ltd. 
IONIA E&T Co., Ltd., since it was founded as a Research and Development oriented company of IONIA Technology Co., Ltd. in 2000, and newly born as the IONIA E&T Co., Ltd. specialized in the field of wastes treatment in 2004, has grown up as a leading development and manufacturing company of the wastes sorting system. 
Starting from the securing of the original technology in the field of wastes sorting by use of NIR in 2000, IONIA E&T has established・produced the automatic sorting system of wasted plastic by use of NIR for the first time in Korea, and since then has accumulated most of equipment manufacturing know-how related with wastes sorting such as municipal solid wastes separation and sorting system, glass bottle color sorter, compressor etc.  
In 2005, it truly became a domestic leading company in the field of wastes recycling by receiving an order, and constructing the automated recycling system in Miryang city for the first time in Korea, and since then our equipment have been constructed・operated at more than 30 recycling sorting places of local government. 
Starting from the export contract for plastic automation equipment with the KAITTZ Co., Ltd. of Japan in 2007, we are vigorously doing businesses with customers from South America, South Pacific Ocean, East Europe, and Southeast Asian countries. 
 IONIA E&T, who has been playing a role of locomotive in the development of national environmental industry, will be promoting a business in connection with this, while further strengthening its current core competence.  As a pioneer not only in the field of wastes sorting but also in the industry of new・renewable energy, all the executives and staff will make their best efforts to effectively respond to the fast changing environmental market and to provide the differentiated equipment with our hot sweat and passion by enhancing the competitiveness in the world market by securing the world technology competitiveness, quality superiority, and cost competitiveness.  
Same as past, and present, we will be also doing out utmost without stopping in the future in the design, construction of the environment-friendly system and technology development with a goal of increasing the values of environment and mankind. 
Thank you.

IONIA E&T Co., Ltd. C.E.O. Kim KonSoo

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