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Company Introduction

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Global Leader, IONIA E&T leading future environment

  • 1)

    Conquer the World Market with the Best Technology and Best Quality

  • Produce the Best Quality Product equipped with the Best Technology through the bold Investment for Technology and R&D.

  • Defects Zero with the establishment of Perfect Quality Control System.

  • Maximization of Customer Satisfaction through the thorough Manufacturing of User-friendly Products.

  • 2)

    Complete the Individual and Organization leading the Work equipped with the World Best Abilities through the continuous Innovation and Challenge

  • Strengthen the Personal Competence through the Periodic Education of Technology and Foreign Languages.

  • Establish the Systematic Training System of Organization Leader through the Leadership Training.

  • Create the sound Corporate Culture based on the Mutual Trust and Respect of the Individuals and Organization.

  • 3)

    Management Policy to keep the Basics and Principles, and to put the First Priority on the Value of Environment and Mankind.

  • Practice the Management to observe the Regulations and respect the Business Morality

  • Pursue the Improvement of Enterprise Value through the Fair and Transparent Company Management.

  • 4)

    Pursue the Leading Global Green Company through the Company Activities to respect Mankind and Nature

  • Realize the Conservation of Global Environment, and Low-Carbon Green Growth

  • Saving and Efficient Use of Resources and Energy in Management Activities

  • Pursue the Company of No Emission of Pollutants

  • Effective Practice of 3R Movement (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse)

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