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  • MBT
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      Pre-treatment Equipment (MBT : Mechanical Biological Treatment)

    It means the system that the mechanical treatment system, solid fuel manufacturing and storage system, biological treatment system, auxiliary equipment etc. are collectively designed, which converts the inflammable materials into the solid fuel, or collects any energy from the biodegradable material while stabilizing it by separating and sorting of the recycling materials, inflammable materials, biodegradable materials before the incineration or landfill of the collected wastes.
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      Mechanical Treatment Equipment (MT : Mechanical Treatment)

    It is a system to separate and sort the waste mechanically, and is composed of the carriage and storage system, and breaking, crushing system, sorting system, and feeding system etc.

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      Biological Treatment Equipment (BT : Biologial Treatment)

    It is a system which collects useful gas from the biodegradable materials, or stabilizes it biologically through the degradation process by various microorganism.

    [MBT System Conceptual Diagram]

  • MBT Process
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      Mechanical Process

    • Mixed wastes are separated and sorted per material for optimum treatment.

    • Separation of the recycling materials per shape through the separation process.

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      Biological Process

    • It is reused after waste reduction through the drying, aerobic composting, and anaerobic digestion, or is used as landfill cover materials.

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      Fuel Collection

    • Material Collection from Papers, Plastics, Woods etc.

    • RDF(Refuse Derived Fuel) Fuel Securing

    • Compressed Packing for convenient Storage, Management, Feeding

    • Stable Management and Storage Effect of the RDF (Environmental, Hygienic Management)

    [MT System Conceptual Diagram]


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