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MSWs Recycling System

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    A series of system

A series of system to manufacture the RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) by crushing the inflammable wastes discharged from the homes that are not recyclable after sorting the recyclable wastes through the processes such as Pre-treatment Process, Collection of Food Waste, Collection of Ferrous Metals, Collection of Glass Bottles, Collection per Plastic Materials etc.

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    System Composition

Bag opener, Rake Separator, Magnetic Separator, Trommel, Glass Bottle Automatic Color Sorting System, Plastic Automatic Color Sorting System, Ballistic Gravity Sorter, Vinyl Crusher, Solid Fuel Forming Machine, Conveyor etc.

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    System Features

  • Custom Design according to the Shapes of Waste per Regions.

  • iological Treatment is available through the Efficient Separation of Organic Materials (Food Waste etc.)

  • Maximum Collection and Recycling of the Recyclable Wastes (Iron Can, Aluminium Can, Plastics etc.) is available.

  • Energy Recovery is available through the Collection of Inflammable Materials such as Small Vinyls, Packing Materials of Films etc.

  • Improvement of the Recycling Rate through the Sorting and Collection of Waste for Incineration, and the Increase of the Recycling of the Waste Resources through the Energy Recovery of the Waste

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    Feature of Each Equipment

  • Bag Opener : Open the Coarse Bags minimizing the Damage of the Contents

  • Rake Separator : Selective Collection of Vinyls from the Waste, Minimization of Environmental Pollution such as Dust, Noise, and Vibration etc.

  • Ballistic : Excellent Sorting Rate of Residues such as High Gravity Waste, Low Gravity Waste, and Soils etc. through the Gravity of Waste and Elasticity Action of the Sorter Paddle.

  • Trommel : Improve the Sorting Efficiency of the latter part of Sorting Equipment through the Sorting of Waste as per the Grain Size.

  • Glass Bottle Automatic Color Sorting System : Glass Bottle Automatic Sorting per Color (Transparent, Brown, Green), Treatment Amount and Sorting Efficiency are excellent.

  • Plastic Automatic Color Sorting System : Separate Sorting per Materials (PET, PE, PP, PS) of the Plastic included in the Waste, Recycling is easy as the Sorting Efficiency and the Purity of the Sorted Objects are high.

  • Disc Screen : Selective Sorting of the Biodegradable Materials of which Grain Size is relatively small such as Food Waste, Increase of Efficiency of the Biodegradable Treatment Equipment.

  • Shredder : An Equipment to crush the Residual Plastics and Inflammable Wastes to a fixed size after a series of Sorting Process, Compared with Current Equipment, Crushing Efficiency is more excellent, and Environmental Pollution is less.

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