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    An Equipment to increase the Sorting Efficiency of the Rear Part by classifying the Renewable Wastes that passed the Primary Manual Sorting such as Glass Bottles, Two-Fluids, Iron Can etc. included in the Waste as 3 Kinds, ie. the High Gravity Plastic Products (Heavy Fraction) which are bounced down through the Rotating Crankshaft of the Paddle , and the Products of Unstable Shape (Light Fraction) such as Film, Papers, etc. are discharged to the Top through the Climbing Movement, and the Residuals of Soils etc. (Screening Fraction) by use of the Slope and Ballistic.

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  • The Wastes are assorted as 3 Kinds by use of the Slope and Ballistic.

  • Waste Sorting per Gravity (Light & heavy fraction) and Removal of Residues.

  • Paddle is adjustable.

  • Screen Size is adjustable.

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    Sorting Rate : over 90%

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    Treatment Capacity : 5.0~30.0 Ton/Hour

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    Equipment Composition

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    PADDLE(Sorting Upper Plate) : The Angle of each Paddle is adjustable, and the Covering can be changed and equipped with Various Screens according to the Need.

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    ROTATING CRANKSHAFT : The Structure is designed for the Paddle to be fast rotated to the Opposite Directions and for the Waste to be easily separated according to the Shape and Specific Gravity of the Waste.

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    SCREEN : Size of the Screen which is installed on each Paddle is designed to be adjustable according to the Need.

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    Discharge Port : Inclined Hopper is installed to collect the High Specific Gravity Waste of Plastic Products etc. at the Lower Part, and the Products of Unstable Shape such as Film, Papers etc. (Low Specific Gravity Waste) at the Upper Part, and the Residues of Grain Size at the Mid-Lower Part.

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    Equipment Specification

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    Treatment Capacity : ~80m3/hr

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    Sorting Rate : over 90%

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    Power Consumption : 18~44kW

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    Material : SS400 or Equivalent

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    Machine Weight : 10~16ton

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